jim-brett-400x220-textEvery day Brett sells multiple thousands of dollars of highly profitable inventory on Amazon, eBay and other creative outlets without shipping, shopping, scanning, dealing with customers or even making decisions about inventory.

How does he do it? It's not complicated really.

He’s built a team of loyal partners (NOT 'employees') who love their roles in his business. They are having fun growing a wildly profitable business together.

Some of Brett's Team of 20+

How Brett Won A $5,000 Bet

"In this interview Brett reveals that he has
no idea how to sell stuff on eBay,
but his team is doing it FOR HIM every day!"

Recently Brett Bartlett and Jim Cockrum talked for 2 1/2 hours about EXACTLY how Brett has grown a team of more than 20+ partners that work with and for him to find thousands of dollars of highly profitable inventory EVERY DAY.

What makes this even more incredible is that as recently as a couple of years ago Brett was a one man operation doing it all himself and he had NEVER sold anything online before!

Success sourcing and selling physical product does not have to mean scouring for product, packing, shipping, managing customers, dealing with returns and email etc. It can be SO MUCH EASIER and FAR more profitable than you ever imagined.

It can be a matter of training a good team how to do it all using a solid plan.

Below are highlights of the conversations Brett and Jim had.

Interview #1

  • 1:15 How Jim & Brett first met
  • 3:18 Brett's view of the Proven Amazon Course
  • 5:29 The one crucial skill you need
  • 6:14 The stunning potential for online retail sales growth
  • 7:24 How some make a good living, but are killing themselves
  • 8:04 What Brett is NOT doing & what he will NEVER, EVER, EVER do again
  • 14:26 Why Brett built his team
  • 16:39 Three questions you will want answered
  • 18:18 The mindset you need to have when building a team
  • 25:23 How to find the right people
  • 29:31 Compensating team members & bringing them on board
  • 34:52 Stop "cleaning toliets"
  • 38:40 The connection between sourcing & buying
  • 40:22 Training others on buying
  • 41:31 The most profitable factor in Brett's biz
  • 42:42 Brett's simple 3-step process of training new buyers
  • 50:49 Brett's biggest frustration
  • 54:12 An old-school selling outlet you may be overlooking
  • 59:11 Jim kicks a few butts
  • 1:01:57 The nitty gritty on compensation
  • 1:06:09 Brett's eBay "reverse" consigment model
  • 1:10:55 How to decide where to sell different products - Amazon VS. eBay
  • 1:13:19 Jim's tip on researching
  • 1:15:15 Brett's final words of wisdom

What Others
Are Saying

Brett Bartlett is an inspiration on how to build a successful work team and exactly how to work with them and monitor to build an awesome business!

– Bob Willey

Jim, I appreciate you so much. In your recent interview with Brett (ProvenSourcing.com), you said that once you grasp this business model, you see "dollar bills blowing around in the wind." That is so true! I can't go anywhere now without seeing opportunities!...Grace and Peace

– Jeff Clark

This interview was jam packed with great ideas on building a team. If you are looking at how to expand your team in creative ways then you will want to listen to this audio - several times. It covers where to start outsourcing and how to graduate your team. Jim and Brett also discuss basic management principles that each business owner should be using. I took a lot of notes and will be listening again to glean even more. The next step is taking action. Thanks for such a great interview Jim and Brett!

– Linda Joseph

"With only $400 to invest to start this business,
Brett took a leap of faith and less than 2 years later
he's built a virtual online empire"

Interview #2

  • 1:00 Overview of the interview
  • 3:46 How do your employees purchase inventory: cash, credit card, other
  • 10:48 Hiring employees vs. 1099 contractors
  • 14:23 What keeps the contractors from keeping the merchandise to sell themselves and how did you come up with the percent to pay contractors
  • 18:21 How do you determine the value of the garage sale items
  • 21:22 What about tracking expenses
  • 25:23 Who has access to your online accounts
  • 32:42 How to manage a team as the biz grows
  • 41:58 How accurate are your numbers for keeping track of bonuses & incentives
  • 47:27 What is the basic training, knowledge, or app do the buyers need
  • 50:49 Is there a bottom dollar buy limit
  • 52:20 Viable biz model discussion
  • 55:40 What Brett is scared to death of
  • 57:29 What about personal items from the buyers
  • 59:51 Where should I source product

What Others
Are Saying

I listened to about half of it while driving this morning - WOW! Right on time, because I was heading in to the shop to conduct an interview. It felt good to say that I wasn't looking for employees, but team members...I listened to the rest of the audio yesterday afternoon. I felt as though Brett had taken a look into my business and talked to me about the areas where I need to focus.

– Greg Purdy

It's like you took my dream out of my head and recorded it. This should in so many ways, push people to venture out from the comfort zone they have "Settled" into.

– Patricia Smith

Jim & Brett talk about
all the questions you have such as:

  • Where do you find good help?
  • How do you keep your hired partners from competing w/you?
  • Do you use non-compete agreements?
  • Do you use profit sharing as an incentive?
  • What system did you use to train these folks?
  • What tools do you use to find good inventory?
  • What are your best sources of profitable inventory?
  • What creative ways are there to quickly move "slow" inventory besides Amazon and eBay?

Included in your purchase of these interviews

numbers-01-50x50The full unedited audio of the each conversation

numbers-02-50x50A full transcript of the conversations if you'd rather read them

numbers-03-50x50A discount link to the Proven Amazon Course

numbers-04-50x83Access to the Facebook group where Jim, Brett, and others are available to help with your questions about this training as you apply the ideas to your biz

numbers-05-50x50Copies of the spreadsheets used by Brett's team to track
the entire process

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Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I took some time to listen to the interview between Jim and Brett B. and was blown away. So blown away in fact I listened to it a second time 2 hours later. I have pages of notes and am excited about the actionable content that I learned. Also for anyone who may not be interested in this business model, but who is in business there is some great general business advice that came from people experience, this stuff is golden. I highly recommend that you take the time to listen to the interview to take notes. You can make an investment in yourself and turn this time into a ton of money!

– Fireman Mike LeMoine


Listening to the interview between Jim Cockrum and Brett Bartlet about how to build teams to build your online businesses helped me to shift my mindset from owning and operating a one-man job to building a real business. Making the transition from being an employee to owning and operating a real business is hard work, but it can be done. If you left your job and feel like you are still working as an employee in your online business you must listen to this interview and see the potential to scale your business and leverage your time. If you don't stop packing and taping boxes you will miss opportunities to build additional income streams as the business marketplace trends change.

– Doug Renz


I’ve been selling on Amazon FBA off and on for 2-3 years and my current biggest struggle is product sourcing. As a stay at home mom of 6, with one being only 5 months old, my available time for doing regular retail arbitrage is limited by my son’s tolerance of being in his baby carrier + my back strength! I’ve really been wondering HOW I can pass the work of finding great items to sell off to someone who really enjoys shopping, but really struggled with the “nuts and bolts” of making it happen.

And then came Proven Sourcing. Wow. After listening to over 2 hours of interviews, I now have a solid idea of how to recruit people I trust to join my team. Jim and Brett gave solid actionable steps on how to train someone in the business, how to give shoppers access to funds without putting my bank account at risk, how to pay my team, track expenses and so much more. It is a resource you'll want to listen to with pen and paper handy…and even go back and listen to again. There’s just too much great info to catch it all the first time around.

For some time, I’ve felt like there were a few missing pieces to my Amazon business, but this course really filled in some gaps that I was having a hard time figuring out. I don’t think this is a course for people just starting out (because you need to know what you’re doing before you train someone else), but it is ideal for someone who has been doing “okay” with Amazon and wants to kick things up quite a bit.

I truly can’t wait to start building a team and seeing this business grow and be a wonderful income source for my family AND the families of my team, as well.

– Susan Whitehead


My mom always said “cash is king” but I always tell her “content is king!” Again Jim has delivered with high quality content and this couldn’t come at a better time for me personally. Sure, I’m doing well with my Amazon business however, packing the boxes and doing the grunt work is not what I would like to be doing. Listening to this interview makes all the light bulbs in my head go off and with Jim’s presentation of the information there is such a calming effect that allows you to realize that “you can do this.” Good artists borrow and great artists steal. This is the information everyone needs to duplicate to be successful. Thank you again!

– Frank DeMaria


Today I got a chance to read through the brand new offering from Jim Cockrum, an interview with his ultra successful student (and now apparently co-partner on some ventures) Brett Bartlett... jumped right into it Jim and Brett got right into nitty gritty with a good explanation up front that to be ultra successful you have to move from the one person operation into a team concept and work on your business (not in it), and some of the (mostly free) tools you can use to do so.

Lots of good info about legal considerations in team building and how to protect yourself by hiring right (including trail periods). The comparison of Ebay to FBA, and scalability was dead on, as systems and automation are the way to go for growth. Great info and ideas on how to structure your team, and how to pay them too, and it was incredible to see the philosophy of how to grow your team, train, and properly incentivize them mutual success. The second part of the interview takes this info and goes much more in depth, and for me really made this interesting. It also really lets you know what it takes to be super successful and if it is for you. Having this info will save you a lot of trial and error, as they've already gone through the problems you would likely have! I believe one of the best nuggets that came through was not making the business about you, it is about the team, and that building your foundation correctly with strong people is the model for success no matter which path you take.

– Charles Raymond Cannon


Brett’s ideas are definitely profitable, doable and scalable. With his help I've been able to add four team members. I am always thinking about new ways to grow my sourcing opportunities and the sky really is the limit.

These audios give you a GREAT jumping off point. For people who can take high level ideas and implement them and take off running, this is a fabulous foundation. Even after working directly with Brett, I picked up a few nuggets while listening that I hadn’t yet implemented myself.

– Jose Luquin


I just finished listening and then reading the transcripts of your conversations with Brett Bartlett.

I am not only impressed with his achievements in the world of online marketing of physical goods on eBay and Amazon, but even more so with his understanding of local sourcing and operations to get the goodies sourced and processed. He is a remarkable guy.

But even more amazing than those achievements is his ability to create a team that does all of this work with enthusiasm and spirit. Hearing you and Brett discuss these matters makes me want to know more, more and more!

– Bob Pomeroy


It is such a refreshing change to hear hear two people talking about something so indepth and covering all the areas that one needs to start their own Product Sourcing Team Business.

But this is what you get from Jim and his team....... honest, open, approach where everything is laid out in front of you and no expense saved.

If you are selling on sites such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon and are looking for ways to take your business to the next level then this course is for you.

Just when you thought you had heard it all, Brett dropped in another golden nugget.

Thanks Brett and Jim

– Andrew Milburn


Provensourcing.com is not your usual training on sourcing products to sell. There are quite a few good books and articles on the subject. No, Brett takes sourcing to a new level. Let's call it mega-sourcing! So you can only get to one garage sale early, the rest you arrive late for. But what if you could be the "first" to 5, 10, 20 or more sales every Saturday? Brett does a masterful job of covering all of the big questions in putting together a sourcing team to accomplish just that. Be it 2 people or 30, he covers every detail. The big surprise was the number of little things he covers that apply to everyone running a reselling business. Not ready to build a team... there is still plenty of meat in the interview for you. The master of interviewers, Jim Cockrum, interviews Brett skillfully and leaves no stone unturned. If you are stuck on a plateau, because you have run out of time, get the course. It will be worth it.

– Jerry Siegel


Brett has inspired me to think about "Building A Team" instead of sticking to the "One Man Show" mentality. Learning from someone who has blazed the trail is remarkable. Brett shares freely so many tiny details, thank goodness for the transcripts.

Great business foundations are based on systems, this course teaches the systems Brett has in place. Brilliant information.

– Debra Conrad


I'm so impressed with what Brett Bartlett has accomplished in a short period of time. While everyone talks about outsourcing to the Philippines, Brett has assembled a team in his local area that helps him sell multiple thousands of dollars of product every month. When I heard that Jim Cockrum was conducting an interview with him to turn it into a product, I knew this would be a masterpiece of must-have business information to help catapult anyone to success. Bravo guys on a job well done! The content here will blow your mind!

– George Nieves

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